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Bring the dreams and aspirations of your people within reach. We help you measure your financial health mission, so you can do what you do best: serve your employees, your members, and your communities.

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Build FinHealth Initiatives

Your board gave you a financial health mandate. Get it off the ground with the FinHealth Score®.

Validate Your Segmentation

You're already measuring credit scores. Get the whole picture with the FinHealth Score®.

Personalize Member Experiences

Every member has a unique financial story. Personalize their member experience with the FinHealth Score®.

Measure Your Impact

Control for age, education, income, and geography to zero in on your credit union's specific FinHealth Score® impact.

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You’re Committed
You haven’t forgotten that finance is here for people, not the other way around. In fact, if you’re a credit union, it’s already in the name. Investing together, working together, growing together—you know it’s where you want to go with your partners.
You’re Here to Help
So are we. From organizations local to global, from credit unions to banks and everywhere in between, working together is at the core of Attune’s philosophy. We bring the financial health of your company and its people into harmony.
You Need a Plan
People have lives. They have goals. They aren’t data and aren’t here to make quarterly returns. But they do need help reaching those goals, and you’re here to offer it. No matter your people, Attune provides the tools to make a real change in their lives.
You Need Numbers
While people aren’t data, their finances are. Every member of every generation has a different attitude about money, as well as a different world they’ve inherited. We’re here to simplify all these variables into an equation you can read.
The unified approach to financial health in our ever-changing world
Help people find their way to financial health with a 30-second diagnostic
Create and send a FinHealth Score® quiz in just a few clicks.
Automatically calculate the FinHealth Score® for every member
No more spreadsheets. Just clean, beautiful data, in an instant.
See how your members spend, save, borrow, and plan
Interactive charts show you the overall FinHealth Score®, pillar subscores, and indicator scores.
Build your financial health strategy based on what works
Review suggested next steps for your institution based on the peer-reviewed literature.
Make a difference today
Discover what your people need

Use the FinHealth Score® to create quick, easy surveys for a pulse check on your community’s financial health.

Learn how you can help

See what your institution can do to move your community forward. We bring you the best of what works in financial health.

Act on insights you can trust

Create your personalized plan of action based on the needs of your community and your own institution's strengths.

What is Attune?

Attune helps credit unions measure their mission. If you have a mission to improve the financial health of the people you serve—employees, members, communities—we help you measure that mission, and improve your impact over time.

We are a financial health insights platform. We make measuring the financial health of the people you serve using the FinHealth Score® fast and easy. We analyze all of the data for you, and summarize it in beautiful dashboards that make it easy to see what to do next.

How can our institution benefit from Attune?

Attune helps leaders of financial organizations make decisions informed by real data. It sounds obvious, but your business really does better when you align your offerings with what your people actually need. Don't focus on retirement savings for an audience that's drowning in debt. Instead, tell them how you can help them get to the surface.

Our platform diagnoses what your people actually need, and helps you make sure your benefits, products, programs, and services are effectively aligned with those needs.

Healthier employees make for healthier members make for healthier communities.

Is our member data secure?

Without a doubt. We hired our security and privacy team before we hired any engineers. Attune prioritizes data security, using advanced encryption and compliance measures. Our partnership with Good Research ensures that all privacy and compliance best practices are up-to-date, and that every kilobyte of data we collect and analyze remains safe.

How do you measure financial health?

Attune uses the FinHealth Score®, the industry standard measure of financial health. The FinHealth Score® is a holistic assessment of financial health developed by the Financial Health Network in partnership with the University of Southern California.

The FinHealth Score® is based on a decade of research and it is designed to be easy to use in a wide array of industry settings. We like to call it deceptively simple—yes, it's only 8 questions, but those 8 questions are the product of comprehensive research correlating the questions with observed data in transactional accounts and credit reports.

Attune makes measuring the FinHealth Score® seamless. Set up an assessment in less than a minute. Your people take the quiz in less than 30 seconds. You get your results in less than two hours. Move from question to action in one business day.

What's the cost of the platform?

Less than doing it yourself, we promise. We have yet to see a financial institution show us that running a comprehensive FinHealth Score® analysis internally is more cost-effective than hiring Attune for that job. It's certainly not any faster!

Without Attune, you're spending 80% of your time on measurement and 20% of your time on actually building better products and services for your people.

With Attune, you flip that: you get comprehensive measurement in 20% of the time, and we support you through the much more fun (and complex!) implementation of better offerings for the people you serve.

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